About Belize

About Belize

Belize is conveniently located on the Eastern Coast of Central America – bordered by Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the South and West and the Caribbean Sea on the East. Considered to be part Central America and the Caribbean, Belize is roughly 9,000 square miles, made up of 6 districts individually offering a unique travel experience. Despite the country’s small size, it diverse landscape and natural wonders are bountiful, making it a premier destination for many special interest travelers. Immaculate turquoise waters hug its coastline, making it a destination of unparalleled snorkeling and diving experiences. Belize has the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere with the Belize Barrier Reef spanning 180 miles. Below the surface, over 500 species of fish and 100 species of coral, make for a lively and extraordinary underwater experience. Belize is also home to the Great Blue Hole, a one of a kind marine treasure many dream of experiencing as it is considered one of the top diving destinations in the world. Above water, the coastline is dotted with over 100 atolls and cayes waiting to be enjoyed.

A Destination of adventure and Beauty

Belize may be small but it is packed with grand adventures. Looking for a change of scenery, head inland and explore Belize’s lush jungle, exotic wildlife, ancient Maya sites, waterfalls and mysterious caves. Approximately 60% of Belize’s land is rich jungle with over 28% protected as nature reserves. Massive ceiba trees, cohune palms and mahogany trees stand guard in the remote jungle where jaguars roam freely and toucans and macaws fly above. Home to over 600 species of birds Belize is a perfect birding destination. Spend the day birdwatching, hiking dirt trails to waterfalls or wondering through Belize’s wildlands by horseback, that lead you to the lost cities of the ancient Maya. Belize was once the heartland of the Maya where over 2 million Maya’s once lived. Today, it has the highest concentration of Maya archaeological sites in Mesoamerica covering an area of over 25,000 acres. Explore the remains of these mysterious temples. Climb to the top of tall stone temples and take in the vast view of Belize’s rainforest. See excavated tombs, ceremonial alters, exquisite artifacts and intricate hieroglyphs that stand witness to Belize’s rich Mayan past. With all this adventure, be sure to eat! Belize cuisine is packed with a punch. Its unique cultural diversity brings an array of flavors to its cuisine. Experience our local dishes like relleno, hudut, tamales, escabeche, rice and beans and much more. Don’t forget to try the catch of the day, as there is nothing better than a fresh catch.

Belize’s offerings are endless!

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Belize City

Belize City
The historical center and commercial hub for the country.


Where jungle adventures are bountiful.

Orange Walk

Shuga City, where the food is authentic and nature is wild.

Stann Creek

Head south and get a mix of beach, wildlife and food.


Belize’s northernmost district with a Spanish charm.


Toledo Belize
Lush in nature where simplicity and culture are one. Ready to plan your trip to Belize?
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