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The Belize International airport reopened on October 1, 2020. International travelers are now allowed to explore the beautiful jewels Belize has to offer. Due to Covid-19 the destination has set up new preventative measures traveler have to follow. Various new rules and regulations are required to enter, along with various protocols to follow while in country. It is important to familiarize yourself with these measures or be sure to consult with us here at ROEming Belize to plan your Belize itinerary in line with these new travel guidelines.

Book with those on The Belize Gold Standard List

In ensuring the health and safety of the country the Belize Tourism Board has outlined national tourism guidelines in which various tourism stakeholders are working towards implementing in their business. Hotels, restaurants, tour companies and all tourism related operations in country are working towards implementing protocols. These 9 protocols touch on areas relating to cleaning practices, employee and guest interactions, work place policies and standard operating procedures – all developed with the ultimate goal to stop the spread of Covid–19. To meet the new health and safety challenges, business that comply receive “Gold Standard Recognition”. It is recommended that you book with these businesses that make the gold standard list. Here at ROEming Belize, your safety is our priority. As a local travel agency on the ground in Belize – we have a close relationship with many wonderful properties and trustworthy tour operators in Belize that adhere to the countries health and safety standards. We incorporate these reputable and approved businesses in your Belize Itinerary as we craft your itinerary down to the finest details. From booking accommodations, transfers, tours and much more.

Information to Know

Before visiting Belize be sure to familiarise yourself with the new entry and travel requirements.

Before Entering

  • The Belize International airport is opening for commercial travel on October 1, 2020. While Belize’s land borders remain closed until further notice.
  • All travellers both vaccinated and unvaccinated, entering through the International airport from other countries are required to present a Negative Covid-19 Test. Negative COVID-19 PCR TEST taken within 96 hours of travel. OR Negative rapid test (Rapid Antigen, Sofia, SD Biosensor, and ABBOTT (Panbio) taken within 48 hours of travel. * Children under the age of 5 are not required to present a negative COVID test; However, children 5 years and older must present a negative COVID test. *if no test is presented, a COVID-19 test will be administered at the airport. (USD$50 per passenger).

Upon arrival

  • Social distancing is required. You must maintain 6 feet for social distancing. Follow floor markers and signage placed in and around locations to avoid close contact with other individuals.
  • While in public spaces you are required to wear a mask. Be sure to wear your face masks within airports and border points.
  • Hand washing and hand sanitization stations will be widely available. Do make use of them throughout your travels.
  • Some locations may do thermal checks to allow entry
  • Travelling in country by flight or water ferry be sure to wear your mask and maintain social distancing ( the six feet rule ) during boarding.
  • Domestic Flights: Passengers should check in one hour prior. 

Before Depature

  • Guest are to be at the international airport 2-3 hours prior to departure in order for security and health screenings to be complete.
  • The CDC announced they will require a negative COVID-19 test from all passengers arriving in the United States starting January 26, 2021. Read more on where to get tested HERE 

What to pack

Covid- 19 Test Results

Face Mask

Hand Sanitizer

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