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Originally home to Caribs, Mayas, then colonized by the Spanish and British followed by others settling in country from the Chinese, East Indians, and North Americans the ethnicity in Belize is unlike any other. Most Belizeans are of multiethnic descent. With over 10 ethnic groups there is profound diversity from its languages, cultures, traditions making for an authentic cultural experience. Friendly faces offer warm welcomes, as you explore the land they call home. With the official language being English, many locals are able to assist you throughout your journey whether it be getting directions, planning a tour or simply having a conversation. Learn and understand Belizean culture through immersive activities. Head South and immerse yourself into the life of the indigenous Maya at a Maya Homestay as you overnight in a Mayan village and partake in daily house chores. From gathering firewood, to making fresh corn tortillas over a fire hearth. Looking for something more upbeat, explore the Garifuna culture through music. Try your hands at the Segunda (the local brass drum) at Warasa Garifuna Drum School. Step into the rhythm of Paranda or Punta a traditional Garifuna music and dance. Discover Belize’s culture and history through its food. Each culture has contributed to Belize’s culinary scene. Start your mornings with a serving of Johnny Cakes or Fry Jacks - two breakfast favorites - from the creole culture. After a morning of exploration fuel up with a traditional local dish such as rice and beans with ground meat or try a tradition Mestizo dishes such as relleno negro, escabeche, tamales and panades.

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