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Belize diverse landscapes, beautiful nature and wellness services make it the ultimate relaxation and wellness destination. Belize is country with beautiful scenery. Detox from daily life as you relax on the beach reading a book or sit out on your porch sipping coffee as the bird chirp around you at one of the many jungle resorts. Looking for a little more adventure, rejuvenate the spirit as you swim in one of Belize pristine waterfalls, or snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef as you visit one of Belize’s remote islands. Belize is quickly becoming a modern center for wellness travelers list of holistic spas and wellness resorts that allow for relaxation and deep wellness. Refresh your mind, body and spirit with a spa treatment. Home remedies have been passed down through generations, slowly evolving into the beauty treatments practiced today. Locally sourced ingredients such as coconut oil, coffee, sugar, honey, hibiscus flowers and herbs are all used in different rejuvenating bodywork treatments to invigorate your body and entice your spirit.

Be Active at A Yoga or Wellness Retreat

Physical fitness is balanced with mindfulness. Many resorts offer recreational activities. Start your morning kayaking or paddle boarding around Belize’s pristine cayes or having a run on the beach or hiking to a hidden waterfall in Belize’s lush jungle.

Attend A Yoga or Wellness Retreat

Visit Belize on a yoga and meditation retreat. For 5-7 days enjoy yoga with a tropical view. Yoga retreats are hosted countrywide from North to South. Most popular locations hosting such retreats are in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and down south in the Stann Creek and the Toledo Districts.

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