WEBINAR: A Perspective on COVID-19 & the Road Ahead for Travel Marketing


The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the entire world being shaken up and put on hold. Businesses have shut their doors, economies and governments are being challenged and communities have turned inwards. In the midst of this unprecedented time business is no longer as usual and previous strategies and tactics undeniably need to change. Businesses now need to find creative ways to operate, stay connected and stay afloat.

Together we can do more

This week, Louise Roe, lead travel concierge at ROEming Belize, has joined two incredibly innovative women in the industry Tanya McNab, from Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle and Vivian Roe, from Roe Rogers Marketing, on sharing their perspective on the road ahead and provide helpful tactics and tips along the way.

About the Session

The session is aimed at bringing the community together and sheds light on current business and travel trends amidst COVID-19. Industry professionals will Throughout all of this though, we must realize we are not alone. It's more important than ever that hospitality, travel and marketing leaders are able to support and learn from one another. And whilst we don’t have a crystal ball and there will be twists and turns, setbacks and surprises - if we work together and share knowledge, we will come out of this stronger.

Session Highlights

• Insights into travel trends & what’s happening around the world • Marketing in the time of Covid-19 - what should we be doing? Don’t miss out on insightful travel trends and practical advice to stay ahead. Listen in on the webinar on demand below!

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